Bespoke 3D printer design

  • We are specialists in bespoke 3d printer design to meet specific project needs.
  • We have a totally parametric, infinitely customised 3D printer design
  • > Break free of the constraints of desktop printers.
  • > Right-size your 3D printer - avoid the leap in costs associated with 'going large' except where your project requires it.
  • > Complexity is Free.  We have built the platform to mould itself around your requirements - these are our focus.

3D printing events

Hire us to bring our enthusiasm for the latest technology applications to your organisation or event.

  • > 3D printing workshops
  • > 3D printing training
  • > Team-building sessions
  • > Trade show technology demonstrations
  • > Speaking engagements.

3D printing for education

We are passionate about the potential of 3D printing to expand horizons, practically and imaginatively.

  • We are engaged in development partnerships with college students
  • We do outreach work with TeenTech
  • We are building Edumaker
  • > a range of 3D printers perfect for universities and schools.
  • > Learn more

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Build your concept with us.

From initial idea generation, to a working prototype.

> Quickly get to a minimum viable product

> We can rapidly integrate technologies using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, open source software, custom PCB design and 3D printing.

Rapid prototyping,

rapid turnaround.

  • We have instant access to
  • > laser cutting and engraving services
  • > CNC milling machinery
  • > electronics rework stations
  • > extensive workshop tooling
  • > office facilities
  • > local and international expertise

Functional and final presentation prototypes

We can help take your prototype design to the next level, for presentation to the Board or to manufacturing partners

We make efficient use of professional 3D printing services - Direct Metal Laser Sintering, ProJet/Objet fine grain photopolymer 3D printing, multi-axis milling machines.